COVID-19 Update and FAQ


Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have reduced class sizes and each classroom is self-contained at this time. We have established numerous safety precautions on our campus including, but not limited to, the following:

  • ​Health checks at drop off and after lunch daily for both staff and students.

  • All adults on campus wear masks at all times.

  • Students are not required to wear masks unless there is a state or county mandate requiring it.

  • Students are not required to social distance within their class. In their class they are free to be kids and interact with each other and their Guide.

  • The classrooms are self contained and do not mix with other groups. They do social distance from other classrooms.

  • There is a rolling drop off and social distancing policy at pick up.

  • Hand-washing happens frequently throughout the day.

  •  We clean works between each child using them.

  • Each child has an assigned table for table work and eating.

  • Each child has an assigned work rug for flexible seating on the floor that is laundered weekly.

  • Each classroom has assigned outdoor spaces that are used often, weather permitting.

  • The Guides keep their hair pulled back and have shirts that are easy to change throughout the day.

  • Every family signs an agreement to do their best to social distance in their personal lives so that their kids can be kids at school.

  • Every family signs a COVID 19 safety requirements form and the Parent Handbook that has all of the safety policies outlined in detail.

  • Our objective is to create the safest environment possible while also creating an environment that allows our students the social-emotional experiences that they need for age appropriate development.

  • Our program requires parent and staff effort and support so that we can create normalcy for our students in these unprecedented times. We ask our parents and staff to do their best to social distance in their personal lives so that our children do not have to social distance from their classmates and Guide at school.The safer each family is in their personal lives, the safer our classrooms will be.