Ladybird Montessori Elementary Program

Follow the Child

Each child has individualized lessons that follow the child. The Lead Guide creates the work plan with the child weekly and it follows the child's personalized education plan. The works in the classroom also move from concrete to abstract which provides a solid foundation for the learning process.

Farm and Nature

The class gets to help feed the chickens, goats, and alpaca daily. They also have an outdoor classroom space that is used for a variety of outdoor learning opportunities and it is also a safer location during the COVID 19 pandemic to be outdoors as much as possible.

Science and Math

There is a daily optional science lab activity and there is an open ended Science Discovery Center in the classroom. There are numerous science lessons that happen in the outdoor classroom as well. Ladybird is developing a Makers Space to further promote hands on STEM activities for the elementary students.

Language and Art

The children are exposed to a variety  of literature and art in the classroom. Each child has customized  lessons, as well as overarching classroom themes. The children are given lessons in English and Spanish.

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